Over 20 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the legal field handling civil matters. you can be sure you are being represented by a respected and knowledgeable professional.

Compassionate Advocacy

Legal matters are personal to you, and in taking a case they become personal to us as well. Remaining understanding and compassionate in representation is essential to every Attorney – Client relationship.

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Our Practice

The Law Office of Donna Malgeri is dedicated to working with you to maneuver the complexity of Massachusetts Law resulting in the best possible outcome.

Whether it is an Uncontested Divorce or a difficult Alimony Modification, our staff is responsive priding itself on returning all client telephone phone calls promptly.

Your legal issue is unique, it is our pledge to treat you with respect and honesty.

  • Dedicated team working for you

    With our adept team, you can be sure through thorough research, preparation and negotiation, we will utilize the applicable Massachusetts Law to provide you with winning results.

  • Innovation as Virtue

    To us, efficiency is crucial. While working within the perimeter of the law, employing the latest technologies and methods as well as our knowledge and experience in the courts, we are able to provide efficient and effective representation.

  • Relentless Advocacy

    Litigation can be fierce, knowing the outcome affects the lives of our clients, when presented with a highly conflicted litigation, we keep fighting. Meeting the most ferocious with rigid defense and relentless advocacy.

Areas of Practice


We assist with all types of divorce from uncontested to highly conflicted, and ensure a fair outcome.


The new alimony reform legislation of 2012 requires hiring a practitioner that is knowledable about the new laws and regulations.

Child Custody

Massachusetts Law provides specific child support guidelines to ensure children are supported by their parents.


You have been divorced for years and it is time to modify your existing order. We can provide answers and assist through the process.

Estates & Wills

Whether your estate is sizable or ordinary, the law provides tools to ensure your wishes are carried out and that your heirs receive your assets at your death.


The mediation process can be invaluable to settling most disputes. It is imperative that you have a knowledgeable advocate in your corner.

Donna Malgeri

Donna Malgeri


Attorney Malgeri earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and subsequently earned her J.D. after working in the legal field for many years as a legal administrator.

After her admission to the Massachusetts Bar in 1995, Attorney Malgeri has dedicated herself to the representation of clients facing litigation in Massachusetts courts.

Attorney Malgeri has handled a wide range of civil matters including contact, business law, evictions, small claims matters, collections, real estate matters, probate of estate, creation of wills, estate planning, bankruptcy, employment issues, custody, adoption, child support, divorce, evictions, and paternity issues

John Doe

“From our first meeting, Attorney Malgeri made me feel at ease and reassured my child custody case would have a favorable outcome.”

John DoeSingle Dad
Jane Doe

“I was referred to Attorney Malgeri by my former retiring Attorney. She treated me with dignity and was an excellent advocate.”

Jane DoeSingle Mom
Sally Smith

“Attorney Malgeri originally handled my very difficult, highly conflicted divorce case. It has been advantageous to utilize her for subsequent filings including a recent modification after finding out about changes to Massachusetts Law.”

Sally SmithGot custody of kids
Mike Smith

“When my elderly parent passed and my family members had a difficult time resolving his estate, Attorney Malgeri acted as a voice of reason to help us resolve issues without costly litigation.”

Mike SmithElderly Father Passed

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